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The Observation Deck is the one place to go for info on your favorite speakers, authors, podcasters and researchers. View their bio pages and see where they are appearing and when, all of their social channels and how to see and hear them.

The OD is one place to search for conferences and events. Mostly digital (and in person when they start) organized by when, who and where. Even better, you will get to rate these events and leave comments for those thinking of attending.

The Observation Deck with Captain Ron is your go-to Source for cutting-edge alternative views on; Scientific, Historical, Paranormal, UFOs, Disclosure, and Metaphysical topics.

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Search by speaker, location, date and topic

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Think of the Observation Deck as your one stop digital channel for the topics you love and want to see more of.

Use the OD like your search engine to the unknown. Find podcasts, articles, channels,

Captain Ron brings you the most compelling interviews so you really get to know your favorite people and what they are working on now.

Our goal at the OD is to spread the word and get more people interested in the top speakers who have enlightening information in the areas of science, technology, history, and the paranormal.       

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